profesional training course in Ikaria

Teachers΄ Training Course in the island of Ikaria 12 -17 July 2018:

This course includes: A thorough practice and analysis of yoga and is designed around the topic: Development of awareness of our five elements and improvement of our personal aura.

Theme: Yoga practice for aura balance and development of positive qualities.

Who is this training course suitable for. This yoga training course is appropriate for: anyone who wishes to develop self-awareness and holistic health through a deep& intensive practice of yoga. Or, for people who take up yoga professionally, and are seeking for enhancing their practice taught by a respectable Yoga School, recognized by the International Yoga Federation.

Course description

Theory: Exploration of Self-Knowledge studies and theories

we will look at:

-The Philosophy of yoga

- A study of the intercourse between Greek and Indian Philosophy,

- Yamas,

- Niyamas (ethical rules)

- Dharana (control of emotions)

- Dhyana (Meditation and mindfulness principles)

- Making sense of Koshas,

- nantis,

- chakras,

- aura

- the anatomy of our Ethereal body Anatomy

- Physiology of yoga, our physical body

- Prana, Mandras chanting and Mudras, 

- Pranayama (the art of breath).

Practice: Analytic performance and methodology of yogic poses and postures (asanas). 

In detail: asanas for holistic balance (sagittal,frontal and transverse planes) that are performed Standing, Seated on the floor / twists Head & hand stands.

asanas: for development of greater strength and conditioning Vinyasa Yoga (salutations)

All participants will be provided with a certification by Eyzein, which is recognized by the International Yoga Federation.

Our daily schedule: First day of arrival, settling at our accommodation, meeting the group and teachers. 19.00-21.00 Nidhra 

Yoga (meditation) All other days:

  • 06:00-09:00 - Practice,
  • 09:00-11:00 break/free time,
  • 11:00-14:00 Theory

6th day (19th July): End of the retreat- departure Ikaria is a really special island which has been recently appraised as one of the world's Blue zones, and is distinctive from other Greek islands  because of  its alive rich music traditions and locals' idiosyncrasy. 

We have chosen to visit Ikaria with a Yoga Retreat and Teachers' Trainings many times. Our  retreats in Ikaria  comprise  inspiring yoga practice at the dawn and sunset, in breathtaking landscapes, together with swimming, organic food and ecstatic dancing at the Ikarian folk music fairs. You can view some pictures from our yoga retreat last year in Ikaria and other Greek islands in the gallery section above.You can now register your interest to receive more information and book an "early bird" place.

For a greater idea about the ethos, aim, content of our retreats and teachers' Training  opportunities, please scroll below:

Accommodation in hotel Kerame-Atheras in Evdilos, organic breakfast. Flights / boat tickets are not included.

How to get to our Teachers' Training course in Ikaria:

You can fly from UK/Germany or other countries directly to the Greek islands of Samos / Kos / Limnos (i.e Ryanair), or to the cities of Thessaloniki / Athens and from there - fly or take a boat to Ikaria (i.e Skyexpress, Aegean Airways). If you need further assistance with organizing your trip please contact us.

The cost for workshop is: 300 euros (excluding VAT & accomodation)

Travel and your personal expenses are not included in the above cost.


  •  In Double shared room: 142 euros/ per person
  •  in single room: 242 euros / per person

All training takes place in the beautiful outdoors and indoors facilities of the Atheras-Kerame hotel in Evdilos (Ikaria island, Greece). 

We recommend that you stay in the same accommodation as the training starts early in the morning.

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