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Ey Zein, is based in the city of Thessaloniki, in Northern Greece.

It is the first Yoga Centre in Thessaloniki (founded by S.Hagipanagiotou in 1973) and one of the first Yoga Centres in Greece. In the course of all these years, our will and commitment to promote physical and mental health through the practice of Yoga and other alternative treatments, have become stronger. And our teaching is in depth qualitative and richer.

Visit us in our centre in 72B T.Sofouli St.

72B T.Sofouli, is located in a natural bay in front of the sea side. The space is sunny and serene, with view in the city's beautiful sunsets. Apart from our regular Yoga classes, the centre is also ideal for hire for workshops, seminars, residencies etc.

This space is ideal for hire too, for seminars, meetings - rehearsals of dance - theatre groups.

T.Sofouli 72B