Studying next to distinguished yoga schoolteachers in England and in Ashram in Puna of India and after forty years of experience Sofia Chatzipanagiotou - Liakou, developed the Greek yoga of The Circle and Cross, adapted to the temperament and culture of the Greek trainee, based on the Greek philosophy and way of thinking. Her conviction is that yoga, which is the  path that leads to the self-knowledge, is the practical experience that leads the trainee to self development. This can only be achieved through personal experience, respect to culture and tradition, and thereby respect to oneself to Nature and Life itself.
Yoga is the Art and the Science of Life. Thus through a complete program of techniques the trainee achieves  self-knowledge that leads to  HEALTH which according to the world organisation of Health, is: "physical, spiritual and social well-being in balance  with the environment and the laws of the Universe."