school regulation

Academy Regulations

Our academy has regulations which ought to be followed by the candidates:

  • The candidate will have an initial audition in order to be approved and enrolled at the school.
  • We reinforce a receptive environment for each one of the students.
  • If someone encourages antagonism and vilifies either his professors or his fellows, then the academy has the right to expel him.
  • As long as the candidate has chosen and signed the contract for his studies, he owes to follow it, otherwise he will not be granted the

academy?s certification.

  • As the years of studying proceed, the cost becomes less. For this reason, if a student, who had initially chosen to attend the four year

course, decides to stop at the second year, he will have to pay the whole amount for these two years, as his behavior will be considered


  • The candidate should attend his classes on a permanent basis. If for some vital reason misses a class, he should contact the academy

 in order to arrange it on a different day.

  • The trainee should perpetually work on the morals and values taught at the academy and distance himself from opportunistic behaviors.

As we are experiencing an era where the decline of ethos and values is common, the youth, being the most vulnerable part of the society,

weakens and becomes exhausted due to the use of drugs, discouraging the accomplishment of its dreams. Ey Zein sympathises with this

 unfavourable situation but does not accept the use of such substances from its potential trainees.

The aim of the academy is the creation of experienced and moral teachers, who will foster and transmit the light of knowledge and self-awareness in the society as well as sympathy and love for the individual, the animals and the environment.

In this way we may be able to experience a society with respect towards the Nature and whatever she encompasses.

Love and Light

Sofia Chatzipanagiotou