teachers΄ training school

Teachers Training Course

Ms Sophia Chatzipanagiotou, along with other eminent professionals, trains future Yoga instructors in a three cycle study course with corresponding training hours each. Ey Zein, being an official member of the International Yoga Federation (IYF), trains its students according to the specification of the institution.

Courses offered:

  • One year training
  • Two - year training
  • Three - year training

Depending on the cycle chosen, the course syllabus involves:

  • Asanas techniques
  • Pranayama breathing techniques
  • Introductory courses to anatomy, physiology
  • Psychology
  • Philosophy and
  • Ancient theatre

Depending on the cycle trainees have chosen, students of the professional section have the chance of teaching at the academy?s premises, hence acquiring essential teaching experience.

They can also take part in workshops organized by Ey Zein or in international conferences, meet teachers and techniques from around the world while broadening their horizons.

Up to these current days Ey Zein has taken part in international conferences in Bucharest, Copenhagen, Rome, Belgrade and Athens. Our

teachers are well  known for their knowledge and ethos while our training centre has long become globally known for its high educational standards.

New groups start in October. If interested in enrolling, contact us at 2310 415211.

All year enrollment offered only for distant-learning courses.